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Greenville Park - Life in harmony

To live with comfort, work with pleasure, relax without limitations!

Greenville Park is the first residential complex in Kiev with the concept of harmonious family life.
It combines modern architecture and high quality decoration, own developed infrastructure, safety and convenient location in the city center.
In a closed internal area separated from the six-story parking, rev equipped by "a small town in the city." It is safe, cozy and comfortable.
Over half a hectare of internal territory is occupied by shops and services, kindergartens and schools, playgrounds and sports grounds, green parks, and even a roof terrace lounge bar.
In Greenville Park, everyone will find the most important for themselves.

Sports and leisure

Six equipped with the latest playground systems for children's playgrounds, a sports field transformer for unforgettable tournaments with friends, bicycle paths and hydro scooters, an own fitness center for everyone.
On the closed internal territory of the complex, which embodies the idea of a "small town in a metropolis", it is comfortable and safe.
The courtyard is separated from cars and the lane street in the height of the seven-story parking and stylobate. It has green park alleys and flowering flowerbeds that invite you to walk in the middle of quiet squares and fun outdoor playgrounds.

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The Benefits of Greenville Life

Everything you need for everyone
Modernity combined with traditions
The innovative architecture of the complex is developed by Yunakov Architects and transmits the active living position of the residents, freedom of thinking and openness to the new.
It is complemented by modern engineering technologies and exclusive finishing materials. Each feature in the decoration emphasizes the individual style. Whether it's specially ordered from a foreign tile facade with a moisture effect or playground with intellectual development of children.
New technologies and ecology
In the construction of Greenville Park only environmentally friendly energy-efficient materials are used that provide comfort and reduce the cost of utilities.
Brick blocks of exterior walls of buildings are made of environmentally friendly natural materials and have high frost resistance, water resistance, durability. Externally, a system of insulation from basalt mineral wool, hinged ventilated facades and ceramic granite tile has been made.
Inside the residential complex is decorated with up-to-date engineering equipment - 5 passenger and 1 goods-passenger lift premium class, autonomous Boehringer Viessmann of German production, autonomous pumping stations Lowara Italian manufacture.
Ergonomic planning for everyone
The residential complex provides more than 50 types of apartment planning to choose from according to the individual wishes of each owner.
The architectural composition of the apartments is designed in such a way that future residents can easily change the location of interior walls and independently to seize their living space.
The project managers and designers will help you to have a nice and comfortable accommodation.

Comfort of your life

Happy childhood for the children

Greenville Park has two kindergartens, a school and six playgrounds for active development and leisure.
Inside the closed courtyard of cars and third-party passers-by safely. Here on the territory of more than half an acre there are green park alleys and walkways.
Two sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and soccer games will be useful for both children and adults.
A proper fitness center for the residents of the complex will help you feel healthy and ready for new achievements.

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Own business area in the house

Greenville Park is the first residential complex in Kiev, where the entire first floor area of over 1,000 square meters reserved for the use of residents.
Specially equipped co-workings are ideally suited for work, training and presentations at any time of the day.
A business meeting will be conveniently held in the lobby bar right near the administration area. At your request, the administrator will gladly help you to meet guests or take orders.
For children and mother on the first floor of the house there are two game children's rooms. A manicure-cafe and service points will work alongside them.

Professional service

Own service company will be worried around the clock about the uninterrupted operation of all engineering networks, cleanliness and municipal services for the houses.
Guard will monitor the security and compliance with the conditions of access to the internal territory of the complex only on individual maps of residents or guest passes.
Maintaining order, service and safety in each home will be done by the administrator.
A professional service company is a guarantee of your peace of mind, safety and economy. After all, with the proper organized management, the cost of maintaining a home is reduced. For many years, the management of the operation of compound residential complexes allows us today to offer you experience and professionalism in Greenville Park.

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