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Technical characteristics of the object:
  • Number of floors – 26
  • The first 6 floors of the part
  • Construction – reinforced concrete frame
  • Facade – ceramic granite, hinged ventilated facades with insulation of basalt mineral wool slabs
  • Interior interiors – ceramic brick, 25 cm
  • The height of the floor – 330 cm, from floor to ceiling – 295 cm
  • Walls external – brick blocks with insulation of basalt cotton wool
  • The floor in the house – ceramic and ceramic granite tile
Decoration of apartments:
  • Entrance doors – metal, shockproof with decorative overlays
  • Interior doors – installed by residents
  • Windows and balcony doors – metal-plastic 5-chamber with 2-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows
  • Floor – sand link 150 mm
  • Bathrooms – waterproofing the floor
Engineering equipment:
  • Elevators – Premium 5-passenger (630 kg) and 1 goods-passengerlift (1000 kg) per section
  • Heating – two-pipe system, individual boiler house Viessmann Germany
  • Water supply – autonomous pumping stations LOWARA (Italy) with fire protection system
  • Sewerage and heating – plastic pipes REHAW (Germany), pipes are hidden in monolithic constructions and screeds
  • Ventilation – natural exhaust – inflow, flow of air circulates through window constructions and ventilation blocks
  • Power supply – wiring from copper wire, installation of switchgear
  • Meters of an apartment – an electric meter, a meter of hot and cold water and heating
Decoration of public places:
  • Small architectural forms (according to the project)
  • Planting the territory – 8 hectares of own park
  • Walls of floors – ceramic granite
  • The floor of stairs marches and halls – ceramic tile
  • Doors – in accordance with the requirements of fire safety

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