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Greenville Park
Life in harmony
Greenville Park
Enjoy your life every day
Greenville Park
Love and care about your family
Greenville Park
Being free and choose the best
Greenville Park's concept is based on the eternal values of a harmonious, happy life. It is safety, family comfort and unlimited possibilities to be active and free every day. We build not just housing - we create a new concept of life. A cozy place in which you want to wake up in the morning, do your favorite thing and relax with your family.
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Live with comfort!
Life is happy when at home is cozy and there is everything you need to spend more time with your family.
Achieve success in your favorite business!
The job brings more profit and pleasure when you live in the city center and have a well-equipped business area in your own home.
Rest without limits!
It's easy to be healthy and energetic every day, with a home-equipped fitness center, a park and a panoramic lounge-terrace on the roof.
A set of benefits
Own infrastructure only for residents
Closed inner area with shops and services, embodying the idea of "small town in the metropolis"
Innovative ECO technology and high quality construction
Care for the health and comfort of every citizen, along with the care of the surrounding world. Only high-quality materials and advanced technologies.
Ergonomic planning
More than 50 types of individual planning of apartments and stylish interior design throughout the complex
Lounge area on the roof
An unforgettable holiday with family and friends with a BBQ on the roof. Exciting panoramic views of the Dnipro and Podil
Business area and lobby
Lobby bar and equipped for work and study rooms in your own home around the clock. Two children's rooms and a manicure-cafe in your lobby
Multi-level parking
A convenient place for a car for each apartment in a parking lot. Car service and a coffee shop
Security and high level of service
Closed guarded territory and impeccable service of your own service company - a guarantee of your peace and comfort
Caring for pets
Special separated pets walk area and bathroom for washing the pockets in the entrance
parking spaces
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Greenville Park is a project successful Lviv developer of Greenville Group of Companies. Companу has embodied its longstanding assets and created a better place for a happy family life in the middle of a cozy center of Kiev.
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Ergonomic apartments
Individual approach and space for self-creation

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