Greenville Park Residential Complex is a project of Uk famous Lviv developer the Group of companies "Greenville".
Group of companies "Greenville"

Group of companies “Greenville” is the most successful developer of the city of Lviv. The “Dobra Oselia”, “Misto Trav” and Greenville House residential complexes built by the company for the first time on the market demonstrated European quality and the latest approach to a comfortable family life while preserving the environmental environment.

In addition to investing in construction of housing and commercial facilities, the fund invests funds and takes direct part in greening settlements, expanding areas of grassy lawns, rebuilding parks and squares, basements, clearing reservoirs.

When implementing projects, Greenville makes sure that only modern, environmentally friendly materials and related equipment are used. Even at the stage of building design, effective solutions are made for energy saving, passive heat conservation, arrangement of economical lighting and electrical equipment, maximum distribution of green areas and other measures.

Group of companies “Greenville” are building a better place for a happy family life in Kyiv, the Greenville Park residential complex.


Our projects

United by experience and success
"Pokrovsky Posad"
One of the most beautiful residential complexes in Kyiv of premium class. Built on modern technology with the preservation of the historic architectural style of the Podil. Incorporates high standards of safety and comfortable living.
It is considered to be the most comfortable residential complex in Solomyansky district thanks to a wide choice of internal infrastructure, security and convenient location near the city center. Beloved apartment for 603 families.
«Vremena goda»
Located on the border with 27 hectares of Solomensky forest park, the residential complex has everything you need for a comfortable and comfortable life. Many shops and services, a kindergarten, a fitness center and a shuttle service.
«Misto Trav»
A unique project with a roof garden that allows the inhabitants to live in harmony with nature. The use of state-of-the-art technologies combines the practicality and ergonomics of apartments with ecological cleanliness.
“Greenville House”
Combines comfort and eco-friendliness. Thanks to the modern cascade architecture, the apartments and the courtyard are bright and spacious. In the complex, 48% of the raincoat and terraces are greened. It has its own service.
«Dobra oselia»
The best complex for a family's life is a safe enclosed courtyard with playgrounds and sports grounds. High quality construction and own internal infrastructure.

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