1. Finishing works of elevator shafts are executed, six KONE elevators are received, installation is being done;
  2. A set of equipment for an individual heating station was obtained. Installation of modules is being done;
  3. Installation of gas boilers is carried out;
  4. Works on the floor cement screed of apartments and corridors from 11 to 24 floors are carried out;
  5. The arrangement of pipelines of a heating system to a gas boiler is being done;
  6. Finishing working on the facades. Installation of brackets and tiles is being done;
  7. Installation of aluminum bay windows for apartments are carried out;
  8. The horizontal wiring of the system of heating, water supply system at the level of 2-25 floors are being done;
  9. Installation of power supply and low-voltage networks of 5 – 25 floors are being done;
  10. Installation of air ducts for ventilation and smoke exhaust systems on 1-25 floors are carried out;
  11. Installation of fire-prevention systems are carried out.

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