1. The installation of pipelines and gas boiler equipment is being done.
  2. The arrangement of pipelines of the heating system to the gas boiler room is being done.
  3. Finishing work on the facades. Mounted 1,500 brackets and mounted 2500 m2 of insulation. Mounted 2500m.p. guides. Installation of 500 m2 of tiles on the facades is being done.
  4. The installation of floor screed on the 19-22 floor is being done.
  5. The installation of horizontal wiring of the heating system for apartments at the level of 11-25th floor is being done.
  6. Installation of electricity supply systems for apartments at the level of 13-25 floors is being carried out.
  7. The installation of the road furniture from Pimonenko St is being done.
  8. Installation of air ducts for ventilation and smoke removal systems on the 1-3 floor is being carried out.
  9. Doors are being installed in a special purpose rooms (switchboards, pump rooms, etc.).
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